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Spent Too Much Time in the Sun? Try This Black Tea Sunburn Solution
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Spent Too Much Time in the Sun? Try This Black Tea Sunburn Solution

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  Black Tea as Your Sunburn Solution This Summer With summer right around the corner, it’s definitely time to start thinking about the beach, the lake, or spending time outdoors in the sun. And there are so many important items to consider: What books and magazines should I be saving up? What’s the best spot for surfing, windsurfing, or simply soaking up the sun’s rays? It is also important to consider what, apart from a pulpy novel and towel, to pack in your beach bag. And namely, it’s vital to have some sort of plan to deal with the potential for sunburn. Sunscreen is known to come off in water, or to lose its effectiveness through the day. When it comes to the kids, things get even trickier, resulting in poor sunscreen application or sunscreen that doesn’t get applied often enough. This can lead to painful and often dangerous sunburns in a hurry. In fact, some sunburn may even necessitate a visit to a doctor, so it’s always best to be prepared.

Black Tea for Sunburns: An Unlikely Source of Comfort

One sunburn remedy comes from an unlikely source: your daily cup of black tea. While many use it as a coffee substitute or a backup for those houseguests who don't want a fully caffeinated beverage at dinner or breakfast, black tea is also full of healthy antioxidants. The tannins in black tea can deliver a flavor that some find a bit astringent, but it’s those same tannins in black tea that will help to soothe your irritated, reddened skin when you get a sunburn.

Avoid Sunburn in the First Place, Before Turning to Black Tea

First, it is important to stress that proper protection should be used at all times when venturing out on a sunny, hot day. Loose-fitting, light-colored clothing is a must, and adequate sunblock should be worn at all times. Many recommend using a sunblock of 30spf or greater. Consult with a skin care professional to determine the best SPF for you and your family members.

Simple Preparation: Getting Your Black Tea Sunburn Remedy Ready

To take advantage of the black tea for sunburn remedy, be sure to have plenty of tea bags on hand, and a cup to hold 8oz of boiling water. Once you end up with a sunburn, boil a cup of water and steep 6-8 teabags in the water for up to 5 minutes. Then, transfer the super-concentrated tea to a jar and allow it to cool to lukewarm or room temperature. As the concentrate cools, tie the strings of the teabags together. Then, when the liquid has cooled, reintroduce the bags for 3 more minutes. Tea With Lemon

Easy Application

Now, apply the teabags to the area that’s been affected with sunburn. When they are tied together, you can cover a larger area such as your shoulders, back or thighs. In the case of a severe burn, it may be best to wrap the teabags in an old t-shirt that can be sacrificed to the cause. Dip the shirt, bags and all, into the concentrated black tea and then apply to the inflamed, sunburned area. Apply the compress until you feel the burn has absorbed the moisture. Then, re-soak and reapply. Continue to reapply the black tea compress until the inflammation from the sunburn has thoroughly dissipated.

Avoid Sunburn at All Costs, But Be Prepared With Black Tea

Sunburn is sometimes seen as a rite of passage for sunbathers and other sun worshippers. However, sunburn has been linked to serious skin diseases, too, and so it’s well worth avoiding, especially when you’re young. If sunburn does arise, try to remedy the problem as soon as possible. Bring a box or two of black tea along for any sunny summertime holiday, and you’ll be ready to deal with even the reddest of sunburns, on the spot.

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