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Bringing Your Love of Coffee to the Kitchen
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Bringing Your Love of Coffee to the Kitchen

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Have you considered incorporating the flavor of coffee in your meals? Here are 10 of the best recipes for cooking with coffee from


  1. Three-Ingredient Prime Rib Roast


Though coffee and prime rib might seem like an unlikely flavor combo, you’re just going to have to try the special dish and taste the coffee’s earthy flavors that make this roast a uniquely flavorful and savory experience. Just be sure to scrape off any extra coffee grounds from the roast before serving!

 Three ingredient prime roast


  1. Dry-Rubbed Salmon Tacos With Tomatillo-Avocado Slaw


Believe it or not, a big pinch of ground coffee can help take your fish tacos to the next level. Instead of marinating, make a flavorful spice rub that includes coffee grounds for an unexpectedly delicious taco seasoning.

dry rubbed salmon tacos 



  1. Risotto With Capers and Espresso


Use Massimiliano Alajmo’s tip for making risotto by infusing the dish with the flavor of espresso beans. Complete the risotto recipe by sprinkling ground espresso beans to intensify the coffee flavor, though they do add a slight graininess.



  1. Sweet and Spicy Jerky


Make your next snack something unforgettable with this licorice-like, Asian-influenced sweet and spicy jerky, marinated in strong brewed coffee. Perfect for an extra boost of energy when camping and backpacking, and a full batch will last up to six weeks so preparing well in advance is not an issue.



  1. Grilled Green Salad With Coffee Vinaigrette


The exact ingredients in this salad aren’t all that important, because you can use whatever is in season at the time of preparation, especially if you have your own garden vegetables to add. The star of this dish is definitely the espresso-infused vinaigrette that pairs beautifully with the grilled veggies.



  1. Coffee Bacon Sandwiches


This is a BLT upgrade done right. The bacon is marinated in ground coffee, brown sugar, molasses, and chili powder. That, combined with the goat cheese spread, is guaranteed to make this sandwich your new favorite lunch of all time.



  1. Coffee Toffee Banana Bread


If you’re looking to make banana bread with a little twist, look no further than this coffee toffee banana bread. Both the coffee and toffee flavors are just subtle enough, and a slice of this banana bread goes perfectly with a mug of – you guessed it, coffee!



  1. Coffee-Rubbed Cheeseburgers With Texas Barbecue Sauce


Coffee and cheeseburgers? Yes, please! Freshly ground coffee adds a unique depth to the spice rub, and brings out an earthy flavor in the meat that will leave you wanting more.



  1. Espresso Biscotti


Get more bang for your buck by baking ground coffee right into the cookies. Add a touch of cocoa powder and cinnamon to your next batch of biscotti, and you’ve got a perfectly dippable coffee-infused cookie to enjoy alongside an extra frothy cappuccino.



10. Cappuccino-Fudge Cheesecake


This visually striking cheesecake is almost as beautiful to behold as it is delicious to eat. The combination of coffee and chocolate in a creamy cheesecake is a match made in heaven. Be sure to make this dessert at least one day in advance to allow the flavors to blend while chilling.

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