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Coffee Review: Caribou Coffee Mahogany Blend K-Cups

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Dark roast coffee fans are in for a treat this week as we review Caribou Coffee Mahogany Blend dark roast K-Cups coffee. This blended roast coffee from Caribou Coffee exemplifies what makes a dark roast excellent to many dark roast coffee enthusiasts by combining coffee from a variety of regions to truly foreground specific dark roast flavors.

Beyond that, this delicious dark coffee K-Cup is Rainforest Alliance certified, making it an authentically good choice for environmentally conscious coffee consumers. By combining quality coffee, ethical practices, and gourmet roasting practices, Caribou Coffee has produced an excellent dark roast coffee with their Mahogany Blend K-Cups.


Caribou Coffee Mahogany Blend Cup Experience

Caribou Coffee Mahogany Blend K-Cup CoffeePrepare yourself for a truly pleasing dark coffee experience prior to putting Caribou Coffee Mahogany Blend K-Cups in your Keurig brewer. This coffee is masterfully composed and quite possibly the perfect coffee to convince some medium roast drinkers that they enjoy a good dark roast as well.

The aroma portends great things, first greeting you with an almost chocolate-covered raisin sweetness with subtle hints of smoked wood notes, perhaps cedar. This K-Cup brews a dark, almost earthy-looking cup of coffee, making all of the initial experiences of this coffee, both aroma and appearance, imply intensity.

The true surprise, though, is that this is actually a rather mild and sweet dark roast compared to many. Caribou Coffee Mahogany Blend manages to have a very smooth mouthfeel and a caramelized sweetness sure to please. Beyond that, the aftertaste is not too intense, ending a bit sweet and hinting at raisins.

Whether you are a fan of the dark, roasty flavors of dark roast coffee or not, Caribou Coffee Mahogany Blend K-Cups are sure to brew a cup of coffee that pleases. Purchase Caribou Coffee Mahogany Blend K-Cups by the case as well.

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