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Coffee Review: Melitta One:One Vanilla Creme Brulee Coffee Pods

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Melitta One:One coffee pods offer a good variety of gourmet and flavored coffees, but one of the going favorites around here is the Melitta One:One Vanilla Crème Brulee coffee pods. These top notch flavored coffee pods seem to get everyone’s attention each and every time someone brews them.

Between the aroma and the conjuring of gourmet dessert memories, our Melitta One:One coffee maker never seems to make just one Vanilla Crème Brulee pod at a time. Someone makes one, someone else smells it and makes another, and this cascade of crème brulee indulgence is soon in everyone’s mug.


Melitta One:One Vanilla Creme Brulee Coffee Pod Cup Experience

Melitta Vanilla Creme Brulee Coffee PodsAs mentioned before, this flavored coffee pod coffee from Melitta has a delicious aroma that is as tempting as it is authentic. It instantly conjures to mind dessert at elegant restaurants, rich and decadent crème brulee, with gourmet coffee.

While such a treat may be the perfect way to finish a mean, Melitta One:One Vanilla Crème Brulee coffee is good any time of the day. It is smooth and naturally sweet, though for an authentic crème brulee taste, a little cream and sugar really rounds out the dessert flavor.

Flavored coffee fans will appreciate the pairing of dark coffee with such luscious flavors as caramel and vanilla bean. Too light of a coffee would be lost amongst the full flavors of crème brulee. This exquisite balance of well-paired flavors alone makes Melitta’s Vanilla Crème Brulee coffee a great coffee.

However, add to all of these quality experience elements the convenience of Melitta One:One coffee pod brewing, and Melitta One:One Vanilla Crème Brulee Coffee Pods are an excellent example of flavored coffee pod perfection.



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