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Coffee Review: New York Coffee Caramelized Chocolate Flavored Coffee

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As a child, I enjoyed a candy produced by the Hershey Company that I remember very fondly. It combined buttery caramel with a light chocolate coating, and each piece of this candy was individually wrapped. Today, we review a delicious flavored coffee from New York Coffee that takes me back to these childhood memories of chocolate and caramel treats.

New York Coffee Caramelized Chocolate Coffee combines the classic flavors of caramel and chocolate in a very similar manner, adding them to coffee for a taste sensation that is both delicious and naturally sweet.


New York Coffee Caramelized Chocolate Flavored Coffee Cup Experience

New York Coffee Caramelized Chocolate Flavored CoffeeNew York Coffee has artfully combined some distinctive and strong dessert flavors with a medium boldness coffee blend in this one. Each of the flavors at play in this flavored coffee are noticeable in the aroma as it brews its heady scent of desserts once known and yet to come. Particularly, the caramelized sugar scents in combination with the coffee aroma make for a good roundness.

Cocoa and coffee, caramel and coffee, caramel and cocoa, all are natural pairings, but the combination of the three makes for a taste sensation. This coffee is naturally sweet, bearing cocoa bitters behind a wave of savory caramel smoothness. It has a mild mouthfeel and pleasant aftertaste, both of which seem to be enhanced with the addition of creamer or milk.

CoffeeForLess carries New York Coffee Caramelized Chocolate Flavored Ground Coffee and whole Coffee Beans. Fortunately, this delicious coffee is also available in decaffeinated varieties. Let us know what you think of this one and if it hearkens any candy or dessert memories in you.

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