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Coffee Review: New York Coffee House Blend

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New York Coffee House Blend CoffeeNew York Coffee is an exclusive coffee that is proudly offered by CoffeeForLess. The vast array of flavored coffees and high quality regional varieties offered by New York Coffee are roasted in small batches to produce an artisanal quality coffee of excellent consistency and precise roast. While you may not find New York Coffee Beans at your local grocery store, this is for good reason. Each batch of coffee beans is roasted to meet demand and avoid excessive storage and the spoilage that comes with it. This makes New York Coffee always fresh and always superb. Today, we review New York Coffee House Blend, a composition of coffee beans that truly showcases the best of what makes New York Coffee so great.

New York Coffee House Blend Cup Experience

New York Coffee House Blend Coffee is a blend of medium roast coffee beans that have been selected for their aroma and taste before being artfully composed in proportions that ensure maximum flavor and aroma.

NY Coffee House Blend Aroma

As soon as you brew New York Coffee House Blend Ground Coffee, this focus on quality aroma is readily apparent. The aroma is rich and enticing, capable of filling your kitchen with the smell of delicious medium roast coffee.

NY Coffee House Blend Appearance

New York Coffee House Blend Coffee has a full, dark color for a medium roast blend when poured. It exhibits a moderate amount of cling to the cup and a smooth body in appearance.

NY Coffee House Blend Taste

This medium roast House Blend has a very smooth taste that is at once rich and mildly sweet. It exhibits the best of the medium roast taste profile with mild caramelized flavors and middling acidity, making it an extraordinarily easy to enjoy daily brew. Overall, the artful composition and top of the line roast quality that makes New York Coffee an excellent small batch coffee roaster is very much on display in New York Coffee House Blend. It’s an ideal entry into the world of gourmet New York Coffee for those that haven’t explored this coffee roaster and a coffee standard for those who already appreciate this elegant coffee roaster’s offerings. New York Coffee House Blend Decaf is also available.

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