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Flavored Coffee Review: New York Coffee Brownie Cheesecake Coffee

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Who doesn’t love cheesecake? Or brownies? Odds are that you like one of these two delectable desserts, and if that is the case, then, boy, have I got a delicious flavored coffee for you. New York Coffee Brownie Cheesecake Coffee Beans are simply decadent, full-flavored, and low-calorie when compared to the dessert flavor that they emulate.

New York Coffee Brownie Cheesecake flavored coffee packs a lot of sweet and sumptuous flavor into every cup of coffee, making it possible to enjoy the richest of treats without any need to worry about the dense number of calories found in your average brownie, cheesecake, or brownie cheesecake!

New York Coffee Brownie Cheesecake Flavored Coffee Cup Experience

New York Coffee Brownie Cheesecake Flavored Ground Coffee smells delicious as soon as you grind it. It has a mild cocoa aroma intermingled with the smooth, medium roast coffee aroma. It hints at tastes that lie ahead. When its brewing, a bit more of the brownie cheesecake aroma is released, hinting at a rich flavored coffee experience ahead.

In the cup, it looks like a standard medium roast with a light oil content and moderate cling to the mug. It tastes vaguely of cheesecake in an odd but satisfying way. If you like cheesecake, you will pick up the rich, creamy taste, though it is pleasantly balanced with cocoa flavors. It is not cloying and instead interestingly full-flavored.

The creamy taste of this flavored coffee is truly accentuated with sweetening and with creamer. It almost blooms the brownie cheesecake flavors, enhancing them rather than covering them up.

Overall, this is a solid dessert coffee that offers a rich dessert taste without the calories or fat content associated with the desserts from which it draws its flavors. It is a wonderful way to end a gourmet meal, and a real treat in the morning.

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