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Flavored Syrups Turn Single Cup Coffee Into A Treat

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Monin Flavored SyrupsOne pump or two? It is a common question at the coffee shop when you order a vanilla late or a caramel frappe, but did you realize that you can buy those flavored syrups and enjoy your favorite coffee flavorings at home or at the office? By buying a bottle of your favorite flavor syrup and making your own coffee drinks, you can save money and time when compared to taking the trip to a pricey coffee shop.

The top two manufacturers of quality flavor syrups are Monin and Entner Stuart. They both produce a variety of delicious flavors that add to any coffee drink but also make a great addition to sodas, hot chocolate, and even lemonade. For those who are concerned about the sugar content or who have a sugar sensitivity, there are a variety of sugar-free flavored syrups that are just as useful and delicious as the sugar-based syrups.

Top 5 Flavored Syrups for Coffee Drinks

5. Peppermint – Peppermint flavored syrup is divine. Cool and clean-tasting, it adds an amazing taste to coffee drinks that is often emulated by modern coffee creamers; in hot chocolate, it makes an amazing addition that combines the classic tastes of chocolate and mint.

4. English Toffee – Fans of push button dispenser lattes at gas stations and convenience stores are likely familiar with how delicious the taste of English Toffee flavor syrup is in combination with coffee. The mellow, buttery toffee flavor truly enhances coffee’s taste.

3. Hazelnut – Hazelnut flavor syrup gives you an instantly classic taste. Hazelnut flavored coffee is one of the most popular flavored coffees on the market today, and hazelnut flavored coffee creamer is tough to keep in stock. Hazelnut flavored syrup turns any coffee into a treat.

2. Caramel – Caramel cappuccinos, caramel frappes, caramel lattes, or whatever you add Caramel Flavored Syrup to, all become an amazing dessert drink or true treat. Caramel’s sugary, buttery flavor enhances any coffee drink, and when added to hot chocolate, this syrup creates an amazingly rich beverage.

1. Vanilla – Vanilla Flavored Syrups are the most popular and definitely the most useful. Add them to coffee for a vanilla latte or vanilla coffee, or add them to cola for a vanilla cola. The taste of vanilla is very versatile and so amazingly delicious that most anyone likes it!

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