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Love Coconut? Island Coconut K-Cup Coffee Is Sure to Delight
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Love Coconut? Island Coconut K-Cup Coffee Is Sure to Delight

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Island Coconut K-Cup Coffee at CoffeeForLess

Island Coconut K-Cup Coffee from Green Mountain Coffee

Keurig owners who are fans of coconut-flavored coffee and believers in the free trade coffee movement should definitely keep an eye out for the Island Coconut K-Cup coffee pod, a seasonal flavor that usually becomes available around the end of March. The Island Coconut K-Cup coffee flavor from Green Mountain Coffee is a unique, creamy coffee with a tropical flavor that is sure to delight coffee drinkers. This coffee lives up to the high-quality standard people expect from Green Mountain with a unique flavor that you won’t find in any other cup of coffee. After a busy, frenetic workday, many people like to relax with a great cup of coffee, and Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Island Coconut coffee is the perfect cup for this. Take one sip and it whisks you away to a distant island where sandy beaches and gentle breezes are the order of the day. And because it comes in K-cup form, you can simply pop a pod in your Keurig coffee maker, and be enjoying your Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Island Coconut coffee in minutes.

What Is Fair Trade Coffee and Why Should You Drink It?

Buy Island Coconut K-Cup Coffee at CoffeeForLessIn addition to its great, tropical coconut taste, one of the things that may appeal to many coffee drinkers is that Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Island Coconut coffee is certified made under fair trade practices. What does this mean for you as a coffee drinker? Fair trade certification is a product certification that indicates a product is developed and sold under fair trading practices. The fair trade certification is typically granted by one of four international fair trade networks (the Fairtrade Labeling Organization International, the World Fair Trade Organization, the Network of European World Shops, or the European Fair Trade Organization). Most certified fair trade products feature the FLO International’s “International Fair Trade certification” mark. Products reviewed for fair trade certification are not limited to coffee, either – cotton, fruit juices, tea, vegetables, and cane sugar are some of the other products that can be certified fair trade. So what exactly does fair trade certification mean? It means the coffee is produced and distributed according to established fair trade standards. For importers, that means promising to pay a minimum fair price to the exporting organization. For exporters, it means working with approved fair trade farming cooperatives, where any surplus on costs of fair trade membership goes to social projects organized by the exporting cooperative.

Drink and Enjoy Green Mountain K-Cup Fair Trade Coffee

Drinking fair trade coffee is a great way to show that you care about fair farming practices globally, and that you care about the environment while enjoying the coffee that you love. With K-cups, you don’t have to make a huge commitment to Island Coconut Coffee. Get as many pods as you want and mix it in with your regular rotation of K-cup coffee pod flavors. Pull it out when you’re looking for a special treat, a magical little getaway from your regular coffee schedule.

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