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K-Cup Coffee Review: Tully’s Coffee Italian Roast K-Cups

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Tully's Coffee Extra Bold Italian Roast Coffee K-CupsDark as night, bold as someone from New Jersey, for some, this is the definition of good coffee. Some coffee drinkers can barely picture themselves drinking anything but dark roast coffee with its intense flavor and strong body characteristics. If you are one of those people, then we have a great coffee for you today: Tully’s Coffee Italian Roast K-Cups.

Tully’s Coffee Italian Roast K-Cups are some of the most satisfyingly bold K-Cups sold at CoffeeForLess. They are so strong, in fact, that they are one of the best K-Cups for brewing such larger volumes of coffee as one brews in brewing a travel mug. Bold coffee lovers, Tully’s Coffee Italian Roast is for you.


Tully’s Coffee Italian Roast K-Cups Cup Experience

Tully’s Coffee Italian Roast K-Cups have not disappointed yet, brewing a fantastically bold and aromatic cup of Italian roast coffee that we’ve found satisfying every time. You’ll know you’ve chosen well when the aroma hits you. It’s earthy, roasty, and hints at deeply caramelized sugars. It wafts toward you and draws you in with its hearty yet distinctive aroma.

When you see it in you cup, you’ll know this is the right brew. It’s dark as night and twice as mysterious with a hint of oil sheen to foreshadow the distinct flavors ahead. The taste is at first bitter but then rich and earthy with cocoa notes that make it a distinctive espresso-type coffee. The aftertaste is mildly astringent with very mild acid lingering.

What makes Tully’s Coffee Italian Roast K-Cups particularly distinctive is the full body of this brew. It is thick, almost syrupy on the tongue, and so it holds up wonderfully to iced coffee. It also has enough bold taste to it that if you prefer cream and sugar in your coffee, the bold coffee flavor carries through.

This one is so good, so bold, that you’ll probably want to buy Tully’s Coffee Italian Roast K-Cups by the case.

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