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K-Cup Tea for the Winter Season
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K-Cup Tea for the Winter Season

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Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Herbal Tea K-CupsWinter is the season for hot mugs of soothing salves against the biting cold found outside in much of the Northern Hemisphere. As the snow flutters outside the window, a comforting mug of hot tea often makes for a warm belly and a soothed psyche. What many do not know is that K-Cup tea is great for just this purpose.

Pop some K-Cup Tea into your Keurig K-Cup coffee maker and enjoy an instant mug of your favorite style tea on demand. Read on for some links to great Winter K-Cup teas that go great with the season.

Winter K-Cup Tea Favorites

The way most people see it during the gray days of Winter, you either embrace the mellow tempo of the cold months or your counter them with whatever brings you out of the gray fugue of short days and long nights. The following K-Cup teas take both approaches to winter to suit whatever strategy makes you happiest.

Gloria Jeans Earl Grey Tea K-CupsThose who embrace the sleepy nature of Winter and seek to hibernate away the gray days, perhaps with a good book or a roaring fire, will enjoy the herbal tea K-Cup strategy. For this, I recommend stocking up on Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea Herbal Tea K-Cups. This herbal tea blend from Celestial Seasonings is composed of herbs that seek to sooth and calm with soporific effects. No doubt, for a down tempo tea that is hot and delicious yet free from caffeine, go with this K-Cup tea.

If you are more prone to resisting the desire to hide away from the cold and wait it out until Spring, then you probably want a pick-me-up during these short Winter days. For this, I recommend a nice strong cup of Earl Grey tea, that traditional Bergamot-flavored English black tea so popular in the muggy gray Isles of Britain. Earl Grey tea K-Cups have a lot of flavor and a mild but noticeable amount of caffeine to them that both warms and energizes on a Winter day.

Try either Celestial Seasonings Earl Grey Tea K-Cups or Gloria Jean’s Earl Grey Tea K-Cups and let us know which you think is best.

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