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K-Cup Tea Review: Celestial Seasonings English Breakfast Black Tea K-Cups

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Black Tea K-Cups for Iced Tea or Sweet TeaCelestial Seasonings is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of tea products in the United States, offering tea drinkers a greater variety of all-natural, kosher-certified teas that are certain to tickle your tastebuds. Located in Boulder, CO, they are constantly updating their herbal tea offerings to include herbal, green, white, black, and rooibos teas sourced from around the world. Beyond all of that, Celestial Seasonings Tea ingredients are sourced from international growers with a mindset oriented toward fair recompense and long-term relationships, making them both a quality manufacturer of tea and an ethical company in the eyes of many. Now, Celestial Seasonings teas in all of their myriad varieties can be enjoyed brewed a single cup at a time from your Keurig K-Cup Coffee Maker. While they offer a stunning variety of teas in K-Cup form, today we review a solid black tea K-Cup offering by Celestial Seasonings with a mind for summertime iced tea or sweet tea if you prefer.

Celestial Seasonings English Breakfast Black Tea K-Cups Iced Tea or Sweet Tea

Celestial Seasonings English Breakfast Black Tea K-Cups are excellent hot or cold. Hot, they brew up a classic cup of English Breakfast tea that is at once rich and smooth. It has a naturally delicious sweet quality to it and a strong flavor that takes well to the addition of milk. The aroma is sweet and pleasant with classic black tea notes. The distinctive and full flavor of Celestial Seasonings English Breakfast Black Tea brewed from K-Cups is what makes it a magnificent choice for iced tea or sweet tea. My recommendation would be to brew it right over ice for an instant ice tea on demand. Preparation-wise, I would approach the K-Cup iced tea brewing methodology exactly as I approach iced coffee: first, put ice in you glass, second, add your sweetener, and finally, brew Celestial Seasonings English Breakfast Black Tea K-Cups directly over the ice and into the glass. Just be sure to choose a brewing volume with the added volume of the ice in mind. The result is a delicious sweet tea that is refreshing and lovely on a hot summer day. This tea is so popular that many of our customers purchase it in bulk quantities.

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