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Melitta One:One Coffee MakersMelitta One:One coffee pods are some of the top quality European style coffee pods on the market today. Each One:One coffee pods contains gourmet Melitta coffee. These coffee pods are some of my favorite to use when I am brewing coffee from a coffee pod brewer.

While coffee pods in general offer a great selection, Melitta One:One coffee pods offer some excellent options. Flavored coffee pods, decaf coffee pods, and even tea pods are all available for your  Melitta One:One coffee maker. Some of the more obscure or seasonal Melitta One:One coffee pods are not as known as some other flavors, and so I thought I would gather some of my favorite obscure Melitta pods below.

The Best Coffee Pods By Melitta for the Melitta One:One Brewer

Melitta One:One Home For The Holidays Coffee PodsBy far, my favorite Melitta One:One coffee pod is their Buzzworthy coffee pods. This full-bodied dark roast coffee is just what I want in a coffee pod. It has rich, roasty tastes that carry through to every cup.

Melitta One:One coffee pods come in a variety of flavors, but by far, my favorites are the seasonal coffee pods that come out around this time of year.

Melitta One:One Home for the Holidays pods are great. They combine such exotic flavors as savory coconut, buttery caramel, sweet vanilla, and nuts to create a holiday coffee pod that is flavorful and delicious. A little sweetening goes a long way with Home for the Holidays coffee.

The changing color of the tree’s leaves tells me that Melitta One:One Pumpkin Spice coffee pods are on their way. I look forward to the many Pumpkin Spice coffees that arrive around now. Pumpkin, Nutmeg, and Cinnamon flavors come together to make this brew as delicious and complex as it is. Personally, I think just a little bit of plain or vanilla flavored cream make this coffee into dessert.

Try the many different blends and flavors available at CoffeeForLess and let us know your favorites.

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