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New Study: Coffee Helps Prevent Skin Cancer

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Study after study finds that coffee, when consumed in moderation most befitting of your body, is practically a health tonic. In the past, we have found that coffee appears to protectCoffee May Prevent Skin Cancer neurons from such degenerative diseases as Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. Regular coffee consumption has been associated with a reduction in heart disease, and when consumed with reasonable or low amounts of sugar, coffee appears to have protective effects against Type II Diabetes. Regular coffee consumption has even been associated with antidepressant effects and a longer lifespan, but few would have expected the findings of a recent study that suggest that regular coffee consumption reduces the occurrence of basal cell carcinoma, more commonly known as skin cancer. Even more shocking is the fact that one need not apply the coffee to one’s skin to enjoy the effects. Just drinking coffee, a naturally rich source of antioxidants, can help prevent the development of skin cancer, one of the most commonly occurring cancers the world over.

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The key, it seems, to enjoying the health benefits of coffee are two part. First, one must avoid adding too much sugar or creamer to one’s coffee, and unfortunately for fans of the “Frap,” this means getting a little more traditional with your coffee. Studies have found that regular drip coffee of the sort enjoyed by the majority of pour over and single cup coffee maker coffee enthusiasts is the healthiest; sorry, espresso fans, but pressure does not seem to extract the healthful compounds quite as well as a slower hot water extraction. Second, one needs to enjoy one’s coffee as fresh as possible. In this way, coffee beans are ideal. By grinding your coffee fresh, you allow the natural density of the bean to act as a preservative of many healthful compounds, not the least of which is the antioxidants held within. By grinding fresh coffee beans, you ensure that you have access to the most undamaged coffee compounds that you are going to get from roasted coffee. So, while you may not yearn to forego your favorite sweetener, perhaps try a flavored coffee with light sugar and enjoy all of the healthful benefits held in the miraculous coffee bean.

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