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Now in Stock: Enjoy Café Escapes K-Cups at Home
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Now in Stock: Enjoy Café Escapes K-Cups at Home

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Experience the coffee shop feeling in your own home. Café Escapes can now be enjoyed in the form of a K-Cup. The Café Escapes ground coffee beans are packed into individual K-Cups and sealed tightly. The machine will then puncture through the K-Cup to force hot water pressure through the K-Cup and into your mug for your optimal drinking pleasure.Now in Stock: Enjoy Café Escapes K-Cups at Home by Coffee For Less Designed for “me time,” Café Escapes K-Cups were developed exclusively as a delicious afternoon companion for your quiet moments. Indulge in a piping cup of hot cocoa mixed with the fragrant taste of coffee. Robust, creamy and with a sweetly sophisticated mouth feel, customers have raved about this deliciously luscious drink. Coffee For Less now carries the Café Escape line, and has many different flavors like Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa, Caramel, Vanilla, Chai Latte, Mocha and Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa for customers to enjoy. The packs for the K-cups vary between 24 count and 96 count for the boxes.

Get Away with a Cup of Café Escapes K-Cups

Let Café Escape K-Cup take you away with its luscious coffee notes and flavorful taste. As Café Escapes K-Cups brew, the aroma is pleasing to the nose and not overwhelming to your palette. The taste of the comforting hot chocolate is married with a subtle caffeine kick. The two main flavors are delicately balanced for an even body of the two distinct essences. The hot chocolate and coffee blend taste results in a robust mixture for a satisfying cup. Try out the Café Escapes flavor for a lavish and creamy café experience, which lingers sweetly on the tongue with its light aftertaste. Add some extra decadence by personalizing your cup with additional sweeteners and flavorings. Complete your cup with a dollop of frothed milk, or complement with a swirl of whipped cream on top. Some customers like to play with the coffee and chocolate flavors by mixing soy milk into the brewed cup, or adding some warm milk. Tone down the flavors with a little bit of cream to cool it down, or magnify the chocolate and cocoa taste with more cocoa powder and select a more intense ounce size for your brew. Make this delicious Café Escape K-Cups a part of your afternoon. Now that Coffee For Less offers it in a range of delectable flavors, enjoy some decadence with your K-Cup today.

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