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Now in Stock: Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate 24-ct K-Cups

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Other hot cocoa brands may try to imitate the familiar, mouthwatering aroma and creamy texture of a classic cup of Swiss Miss, but none can compare to the real thing. Now packaged in a convenient K-Cup, CoffeeForLess is happy to announce a popular family favorite is in stock: Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate 24-ct K-cups. Using your K-cup machine, you can now brew the irresistible taste of a timeless hot chocolate, with its lush blend of cocoa, fresh milk and rich chocolate taste.

Traditionally, making a cup of hot chocolate typically involves a powder pouch along with hot water or milk. While each cup tasted delicious, the portions sizes made for a uniquely, dissimilar cup. Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate K-cups has a more calculated method with no mess and fuss. The K-cups are already pre-filled with a precise amount of powder, and made to an ounce size that you desire for the perfect brew, each and every time.Now in Stock: Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate 24-ct K-Cups by Coffee For Less

The Perfect Blend of Cocoa and Milk in a Single K-Cup

The process for the Swiss Miss hot chocolate powder is made with extensive care and attention. It all starts at a real dairy, with fresh batches of milk delivered daily for high quality. The milk is then dried and mixed with premium, imported chocolate. As a result, each Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate K-Cup comes infused with cocoa, milk powder and sweetening. When the K-cup is inserted in the Keurig machine, the hot water blasts through the powder to form a consistently, delicious treat for everyone to enjoy.

Savor the sweetly decadent, chocolaty sips and inhale the cocoa notes swirling from the heat of the mug. Famous for its velvety and silky smoothness, the convenience of the K-Cup allows you to easily satisfy your cravings for chocolate whenever you would like.

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate K-Cups serves as a nostalgic callback for the chilly months and will conjure up wintery images like red noses and gloved hands circling around a steaming cup of cocoa. At CoffeeForLess, hot chocolate has a special place in our heart year-round. This seasonal K-cup is offered throughout all four seasons, in packs varying between 12-count to 96-count. Share a special moment with a favorite treat that everyone will remember, and enjoy.

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