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Praise for the Reusable K-Cup

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K-Cups are convenient and offer a great variety, but what of those of us who like a scoop of espresso in our French roast or who like to enhance our coffee with natural flavorings in the actual brewing process? The answer is the reusable K-Cup, a refillable multi-use K-Cup filter for Keurig K-Cup coffee makers.

Personally, I like to control my coffee experience as much as I enjoy the freedom to explore different coffees that the Keurig machines provide. So, while the reusable K-Cup is not my daily fair, it serves the purpose of opening up the Keurig to absolute coffee freedom. Today, we discuss some of the flavored coffee options available to those who use the reusable K-Cup.


Reusable K-Cup Coffee Brewing Options

Reusable K-Cup Provides Coffee OptionsCoffee has had its flavor enhanced by additives to the brewing process as long as coffee has been brewed, and I’m not just talking about flavored coffees. As early as the first coffee-brewing cultures in Africa, people have been adding spices to coffee in the brewing process to enhance and even add complexity to coffee flavor.

With the reusable K-Cup, you can engage in this long-standing coffee tradition. Try adding cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, or even cloves to your ground coffee in the reusable K-Cup and get a flavored coffee that you can tweak and modify to your flavor preferences.  Scrape a vanilla bean into your ground coffee and enjoy perfectly natural vanilla flavored coffee thanks to your reusable K-Cup.

Do you like a good mocha? Put half of your espresso roast into the reusable K-Cup and add some cocoa before putting the rest of your coffee in. In doing this, you extract cocoa flavonoids directly into your coffee as the K-Cup extracts the natural coffee flavor compounds. Likewise, try a bit of lemon or orange zest taken from a fresh piece of citrus for a bright and delightful coffee enhancement particularly suited to light roasts.

If you are feeling truly bold, try some of the more unusual if equally traditional spices like black pepper, white pepper, or cardamom for a flavored coffee that is exotic and interesting, as well as a true piece of early coffee history. These spices will need to be crushed or milled for functional extraction.

The reusable K-Cup is a great tool for adding even more coffee exploration to an already diverse array of K-Cup options.

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