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Quick Coffee Is The Coffee of Today

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Quick Coffee is Convenient CoffeeWhen it comes to coffee, Americans tend to prefer speed and convenience over most of the other details that go into coffee brewing, and our coffee consumption tends to reflect this. Our quick coffee preferences have brought about new technologies that suit our desire for efficiency.

Crystallized instant coffees were once the way to a quick morning coffee on your way commute, but we are designing ever more advanced technologies to make a cup of coffee as quickly as possible. These technologies include coffee pods, K-Cup coffee, T-Disc coffee, and Fresh Pack coffee, all coffee media that allow one to brew single cup of coffee on demand instead of a whole pot of slower pour over coffee.

These technologies make very quick coffee. They are perfect for a quick single cup of coffee. One can make an easy espresso roast or a French roast coffee with just the push of a button. Now that’s quick coffee.

Sometimes, though, I prefer to grind my own beans and make home-ground quick coffee when I am in the mood for a favorite coffee that might not be available in a K-Cup, T-Disc, or coffee pod. The solution to speedy coffee that didn’t revolve around these technologies may surprise you.

Cold Brewed Coffee Is Quick Coffee

Quick coffee any time made of the coffee variety that I want inspired me to try cold coffee brewing, and let me tell you that it is both quick and amazingly delicious. Cold coffee has the added benefit of being ideal for summer. Cold coffee brews smooth and rich because the lack of heat prevents the more bitter compounds in coffee from extracting. The resultant coffee concentrate makes ideal iced coffee but can be heated to resemble more traditional hot coffee as well. Cold brewed coffee truly is quick coffee for those who do not mind applying a small amount of foresight to their morning coffee.

My procedure is four parts water to one part coffee, and typically this means one cup of ground coffee to four cups of filtered water. I use a glass bottle, but you can use any vessel that either resists or that you do not mind possibly being stained by the process over time. After twenty-four hours on the kitchen counter, the coffee is strained with a reusable coffee filter.   The resultant coffee concentrate is stored in the refrigerator. The concentrate is strong, so it takes well to being watered down by melting ice in iced coffee or makes for a very strong brew when reheated. Those who prefer that their coffee not be too strong may wish to water it down when enjoying reheated in the traditional fashion.

Cold brewed coffee truly is quick coffee when prepared in advance and kept on hand. Give it a try and let us what you think.

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