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Single Cup Coffee Filter | Reusable K-Cup Filter

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I am very happy to announce that CoffeeForLess is carrying the best single cup coffee filter on the market today: the K-Cup.

Okay, okay, you knew that, but now, CoffeeForLess is carrying the refillable K-Cup, and this means that you can enjoy single cup coffee convenience without sacrificing that obscure Turkish cat poop coffee roasted by Middle-Eastern eunuchs during the Autumnal Equinox. Now, put all that personal preference goodness into your own K-Cup and enjoy it a single cup at a time! Just imagine how happy the eunuchs probably are to stay in business!

Look, I’m usually excited about things. I blame the caffeine for that, but here’s the thing about this new product in the CoffeeForLess line up: it’s awesome. It’s just plain awesome. It solves the only problem that I have with the Keurig brewers.

Personally, I rarely brew a pot of coffee without adding a little espresso to it. This boosts the flavor, the body, and that all important caffeine content. So, when I started using K-Cups, I lost the ability to make my personal house blend. Not anymore, folks!

I’ll mix up my regular coffee and my espresso roast in advance and keep it in a quart canning jar on my counter. This means my house blend coffee is ready to go, and with this single cup coffee filter that fits in my Keurig machine, I’m just a scoop or two away from a filled K-Cup. That’s it. One step more than a regular K-Cup with a bit of forethought.

Now, I enjoy my K-Cups for variety, but when I want my coffee exactly how I like it, I use the refillable K-Cup. This is quite simply the best single cup coffee filter on the market today, and it works in the best machines!

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