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Storing Coffee Beans: Grinder Hopper VS Sealed Container

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Coffee Grinders with Clear Hoppers Risk SpoilageMany believe the fresher the coffee bean the better the coffee, even going so far as to roast their own green coffee beans at home rather than suffer the freshness lost in packaging and shipping. Commonly, those dedicated to coffee freshness this month invest in a good coffee grinder to grind their coffee on demand and thereby ensure freshness.

This leads to a debate amongst coffee freshness enthusiasts: Is the storage of coffee beans in the hopper of a quality grinder causing those coffee beans to lose freshness? Some feel coffee should be kept in sealed containers, hidden away from light and air flow, is the only way to enjoy truly fresh coffee beans.


Do Coffee Grinder Hoppers Preserve Coffee Freshness?

Coffee grinders are generally designed to grind coffee, not to keep coffee fresh. This is particularly true of coffee grinders with see-through or transparent hopper compartments. Grinder hoppers are simply not designed, in general, for preservation purposes, making a light-blocking, sealed container an obviously more efficient choice when it comes to coffee bean storage.

If you cannot resist the desire for ground coffee on demand and insist upon storing your coffee in your grinder hopper, there are a few tricks you can use to ensure that you convenience does not sacrifice freshness.

The best trick is to only load the hopper of your coffee grinder with as much coffee as you go through in a day. This may take some observation, but once you have determined the amount of coffee that your home, office, or business goes through in a single day, you guarantee yourself fresh ground coffee every day thereafter.

Otherwise, if you are searching for a coffee grinder that offers you convenience at the least sacrifice of freshness, then purchase a coffee grinder with a darkened hopper. It is unlikely that any coffee grinder that you purchase will maintain a perfect seal on your beans, but one that blocks out light will at least protect your beans from one of the primary elements that cause coffee to go stale.


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