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Tassimo T-Discs Make Great Summer Coffee

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Summertime is when the top shelf coffee shops roll out their iced coffee beverages, and these drinks are a satisfying solution to summertime heat but often a rough choice for the wallet. My solution has been to circumvent the middleman and cut those pricey coffee boutiques out of the equation entirely. What I do is buy flavored syrup sweeteners when I buy Tassimo T-Discs and make those iced coffee drinks at home.

Most times, that is all the pricey coffee shop chains do anyway.  The recipe is simple: good coffee, milk, flavor syrup, ice, and a blender. I’ll write up the proportions at the bottom of this blog post in recipe form, but it really is that simple. When you buy T-Discs, many of them even have the milk packaged in them. That cuts out a whole step.

Buy Tassimo T-Discs and Frappe

I have found that most any flavor syrup by Monin or Entner-Stuart works if you like that flavor, but certain flavors make rather good versions of more popular summertime iced coffee drinks.  My favorite flavored iced coffee drinks to buy out are usually coconut or chocolate, so those flavors are useful to keep on hand.  Combine them for a mocha coconut iced coffee cooler that is utterly decadent.

Now, I cannot name names, but many, if not most, coffee chains carry an iced coffee that is mint mocha flavored. Mint chocolate flavor syrup is all you need to make this at home, and let me tell you something, mint is great for keeping cool thanks to its natural cool flavor. While I generally like to make cooling mint iced tea to keep cool, a mint chocolate iced coffee frapped is a truly delicious way to stay cool.

Try out the recipe below to enjoy a delicious frapped flavored coffee drink without the hit to your wallet. Buy your favorite flavor next time you buy Tassimo T-Discs and make it in a snap.

Frapped Mocha Mint Iced Coffee


1 Serving of Tassimo T-Disc Espresso and Milk Discs

1-2 Cups of Ice

Mint Chocolate Flavored Syrup


Brew your T-Disc café latte or your favorite espresso coffee and add milk to it to taste. Add one cup of ice to your blender and then add your coffee. Blend at high speed in quick bursts. Add coffee syrup one tablespoon at a time until you have achieved the flavor you enjoy. Add more ice and blend in quick bursts until thick and icey. While this recipe is for a mint chocolate iced coffee drink, try any flavor you like.

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