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Tassimo Tea Discs Make Great TeaIf you enjoy your Tassimo T-Disc brewer, then you probably know how great it is at making coffee and coffee drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso. The instant milk technology gives it far greater flexibility with mixed drinks than most brewers on the market, but did you know it is also excellent at brewing tea? Tassimo tea discs make a perfectly cup of tea on demand.

Tassimo tea discs are like any other Tassimo T-Disc. They have carefully measured quantities of tea optimized to the rapid, high pressure steeping used by Tassimo brewers. The Tassimo brewer knows how much water, what temperature, and steeping time the same way that it knows to brew quality coffee. The barcode on the Tassimo tea disc accesses a database of instructions that direct the machine to brew via the bar code on the tea disc.


Tassimo Tea Disc Options

Tassimo Earl Grey Tea Discs for your Tassimo BrewerThose who prefer a more European or British traditional black tea will want to try the Earl Gray Tassimo tea discs. These elegant tea discs produce an authentic cup of English-style Earl Gray tea that is rich and has full bergamot flavor even when brewed on demand.

If green tea is more your style, then try Tassimo green tea discs. This delicate tea comes through the T-Disc brewing process without losing even a bit of earthy green tea flavor. It has a savory and full flavor naturally, but the fast, highly accurate steeping method of Tassimo machines ensures that those flavors are never scorched.

A personal favorite here at CoffeeForLess is that Tassimo tea disc chai latte. This perfect fusion of the Tassimo brewer’s ability to make excellent tea and excellent lattes come together in this tea T-Disc perfectly, ensuring that you can enjoy an elegant chai latte at the touch of a button.

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