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Tea K-Cups Contain L-Theanine, The Relaxation Amino Acid

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I have had a lot of trouble integrating tea into my hot beverage routine, I’ll admit. I like tea. It’s good tasting. They say it’s good for you with all of its naturally occurring antioxidants, and I’ve bought a good number of tea k-cups that I’ve just let go bad because I always go for the coffee k-cups when I do. Well, I’ve read about something that just might change that for me. You see, tea k-cups have tea in them, and what I’ve learned is that tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid that has been found to calm the central nervous system and thus reduce stress.


Suddenly, all those old dudes sipping green tea in Chinatown, looking serene and placid as a jade-green pond, make perfect sense!


Tea K-Cups for Evening Caffeine


So I’m taking the plunge. I love my caffeine, but maybe I can start enjoying the destressing properties of L-theanine at night, come down from the long hard day at the office. We all need that, which probably explains the current trend of relaxation drinks.  Tea k-cups make it easy. I’ve been trying a few kinds of green tea, basically testing out different brands, and you know what? I like green tea. It’s got a little bit of caffeine in it, but while it seems to be giving me a lift at night that is nowhere near as strong as my usual evening coffee, it also seems to chill me out.


How’s that for irony? A hot cup of tea that chills me out.


L-Theanine, The Dude Abides with Tea K-Cups


Well, it makes sense. The more I learn about L-theanine, the more it becomes apparent the stuff is really good for you. It’s like caffeine’s foil, the anti-caffeine, when it comes to the nervous system. The American obsession with energy is something that wears out the nervous system. It’s like we’ve all got our amps dialed up to eleven all of the time, and L-theanine comes in, says, “Dudes, chill,” and turns the amps down to seven.


It’s been pretty nice, honestly. I pour Timothy’s Green Tea over ice and add lemon and honey since it’s been so hot. It may not be traditional, but it’s working. I’m sleeping better, I think. Maybe this is the first step on the path to being a smiling and serene elder. If so, it’s one delicious path that I'm taking a single tea k-cup at a time!

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