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Tea Pod Review: Melitta One:One Shades of Jade Tea Pods

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Melitta One:One Green Tea PodsMany beverage consumers think of coffee when they think about single serving pods, but tea pods are a great way to brew a single serving of tea without the need of a separate kettle. Tea pods are also faster to brew and steep than traditional kettle and tea bag steeping, so if you value your time, then tea pods are a great way to enjoy tea quickly and efficiently.

Add to that the fact that tea pods are specifically programmed for optimal steeping, and tea pods represent an advance in tea steeping technology unlike any prior. Today, we focus on Melitta One:One Tea Pods and review the experience that awaits you when you brew green tea from Melitta One:One tea pods.


Melitta One:One Shades of Jade Tea Pods Experience

Melitta One:One Shades of Jade Tea Pods are an excellent choice for pod coffee maker owners who have a love for green tea. As with any tea pod, Melitta One:One Shades of Jade tea pods brew quickly based on the preprogrammed functions of Melitta One:One brewers. This guarantees that one avoids over-steeping the tea, a common problem encountered by many who brew green tea for a first time.

The delicate flavor of green tea requires precise steeping times to preserve the more subtle flavors of green tea, and this subtlety is captured well by these tea pods. The tea has a light color that indicates a lack of over-steeping. The flavor is rich and savory with hints of green vegetable to nut flavor. It is mild and accented by a zesty taste of lemon that brings out the more citric notes inherent in the tea.

Overall, the ease of brewing combined with the quality of the green tea contained within the pods makes for an excellent tea experience that neither requires specialized equipment or a timer. This alone is reason enough to enjoy Melitta One:One Shades of Jade Tea Pods for many green tea drinkers or for those who wish to enjoy the health benefits associated with green tea consumption.

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