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The Great Espresso Challenge: Espresso K-Cups, Coffee Pods

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Espresso roast coffee is a delicacy to some. It is exquisite and robust, complex and nuanced. To a serious coffee drinker, espresso is one of the culminations of coffee history. Its rich, roasty notes and deep, earthy fragrance can pull a coffee connoisseur from the sidewalk all the way to the barista as if compelled by some siren’s trance.

In honor of espresso roast coffee’s immense contribution to so many avid coffee drinkers’ lives, we at CoffeeForLess put our many espresso roast coffees to the test in order to bring you the best of the best, the top espresso roast coffee bean, the gold medal espresso roast K-Cup, and the champion espresso roast coffee pod.

Espresso K-Cups

Green Mountain Coffee Espresso Blend Fair Trade Organic CoffeeClearly there was some competition in this field with so many different coffee roasters selling K-Cup coffee these days. The winner, though, simply stood out far above the rest of the field, and that winner was Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Organic Espresso Blend Extra Bold K-Cups. That name’s a mouthful, and so is this excellent espresso K-Cup. For a single cup espresso roast coffee, this organic fair trade K-Cup has it all, full mouth-feel, deep roasted earth and bitter cocoa notes, and a very tempting aroma.

Espresso Coffee Pods

Barrie House Double Cielo Espresso Coffee PodsThe best espresso coffee pods, for us, ended in a tie. It was simply too crowded a field of excellent espresso coffee pods that we had to choose two winners for this category.Barrie House Mocca Espresso Ground Cielo Espresso Pods, available in single and double espresso pod varieties, produced such a quintessential espresso roast coffee once cupped that it clearly merited a winning placement. However, Aloha Island 100% Pure Estate Kona Espresso Roast Coffee Pods were simply so smooth and delicious with award-worthy roasted flavor that they could not go unmentioned. Perhaps you can give us your opinion on this one.

Espresso Whole Bean Coffee

New York Coffee Espresso Roast Coffee BeansNew York Coffee Espresso Coffee Beans took this category by storm for us. New York Coffee Espresso beans simply seemed the freshest beans we tried, giving them a crisper, clearer flavor palette. Time and again, this espresso roast coffee brewed smooth and dark with a heady crema when we brewed it in a quality espresso machine.

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