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Tortuga Rum Cakes Taste of Florida Cakes

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Tortuga Rum Cake A Taste of Florida Orange-Flavored Rum CakeFor more than 25 years, Tortuga Rum Cakes has been bringing a traditional taste of the Caribbean to North American plates, and now they have released a unique line of Florida-themed flavored rum cakes in favors familiar to Floridian throughout the peninsula. Tortuga Rum Cakes Taste of Florida Cakes are flavored with some of the traditional dessert flavors beloved to Floridians. By enhancing their traditional rum cakes with flavors one might normally associate with pies, Tortuga Rum Cakes have created a whole new taste sensation sure to please the discerning palates of the CoffeeForLess coffee community.

Tortuga Rum Cakes Taste of Florida Cake Flavors

Many Americans think oranges when they think Florida, and so it should be no surprise that one of the Taste of Florida Rum Cake flavors is orange-flavored. Enhancing these savory cakes with the bright citric taste of orange juice makes for an elegant as well as subtly sweet taste experience. Tortuga Rum Cake Taste of Florida Orange Flavored Rum Cake is great with a cup of light roast coffee because it enhances the natural citrus notes and pairs with the bright flavor rather well. Do you like Key Lime pie? Try Tortuga Rum Cakes Taste of Florida Key Lime Flavored Rum Cake. This one has a lovely yet strong Key Lime flavor that makes it very satisfying with a strong cup of tea or even a bold dark roast coffee. Fans of Key Lime pie are sure to enjoy this novel take on a traditional Rum cake. Coconuts grow throughout the Caribbean and also in Florida, lending their flavor to myriad desserts, dishes, and drinks, and Tortuga Rum Cakes included this island flavor as their third Taste of Florida. Tortuga Rum Cakes Taste of Florida Coconut-Flavored Rum Cakes are a savory delight. The smooth coconut flavor truly pairs with the authentic island rum flavors and the buttery cake taste to provide an excellent dessert experience. Try pairing it with your favorite coffee, and you will not be disappointed. Coconut seems to go well with just about anything. If you cannot decide between these Tastes of Florida, it’s no problem. CoffeeForless carries a Tortuga Rum Cakes Taste of Florida Variety Pack featuring two cakes in each of these flavors. Go ahead and treat yourself today.

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