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Twinings Earl Grey Tea Tassimo T-Discs Make Great Tea

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Tassimo Earl Gray Tea T-Discs TeaTraditionally, most people think of tea bags or loose leaf tea when they think of good tea, certainly when thinking of such stalwart traditional teas as Earl Grey. Twinings Earl Grey Tea Tassimo T-Discs offer the advantages of traditional steeping with modern T-Disc brewing convenience.

The T-Disc brewing method is actually quite suited to tea steeping. The use of pressure alongside heat to accelerate steeping just as T-Discs do with coffee brewing utilizes sound scientific theories regarding water as a medium for flavor and essence absorption from tea.

Tassimo machines are so good at this that you may just be shocked that your traditional cup of Earl Great came from Twinings Earl Grey Tea Tassimo T-Discs instead of some arcane system using an odd technology rumored to have been called a “cozy.”


Twinings Earl Grey Tea Tassimo T-Discs Cup Experience

Earl Gray Tea Discs from TassimoHave you had a good cup of Earl Grey tea steeped by traditional means? Well, it’s exactly like that. No, seriously. If you were to ask us, this cup of Earl Grey tea is identical to other cup we made by more traditional tea bag steeping methods. The difference is in how soon we were enjoying our cup of Earl Grey. Traditional methods feel like bullet time slow motion relative to the Tassimo experience. We actually had to set a timer!!!

Cup-wise and compared to other Earl Grey teas, the Twinings Earl Grey Tea Tassimo T-Discs tea has rich black tea taste and sweet, almost fruity bergamot flavor. Twinings Earl Grey Tea truly seems to take well to this medium due to its naturally distinctive flavor. It takes well to either a bit of lemon or a splash of cream, and sweetening in either instance seems to enhance the more citric tastes of the bergamot sweetness.

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