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Bottled Water

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Each year, more than $100 billion worth of bottled water is sold around the world. Bottled water has become a status symbol and a fresh source of water for humans no matter where they are. Although bottled water is very popular in developed countries, these bottles also are sold in developing countries that do not have a clean source of water.


Where Bottled Water Originates

Different water companies use different sources for their waters. The bottled water usually comes from one of several sources:

  • A glacier
  • A spring
  • A well
  • A purified tap

For example, Fiji bottled water comes from an artesian aquifer in Fiji. The aquifer is located near a rain forest. This water tastes so pure because it comes from a water source located far below the ground. The water doesn't have contact with the air above ground because it is protected by clay and rock. Fiji bottled water does not have to go through lots of purification processes because its water is protected from above-ground contamination.

Other specialty water companies use glacial water. Evian bottled water is taken from the Source Cachet, a water source that comes from a tunnel in the mountains of the Alps. This water comes from water sources in the Vizier Plateau that are filtered by glacial sand. Evian bottled water is pure because the glacial sand prevents the water from becoming polluted.

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