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The ubiquity of coffee shops around the globe makes one thing clear--coffee has pervaded everyone's lives. Those who sit down for a cup of coffee often pair the beverage with a snack, such as biscotti or jelly on toast. These coffee gifts are enjoyed by people with a variety of tastes.


Coffee Gifts for Every Occasion

Coffee gifts don't just have to be a coffee cup or a new flavor of coffee beans. Many families and companies give their friends and customers coffee gifts to show that they're thinking about them. These gifts are especially popular in offices, where there always is a pot of coffee brewing somewhere.

Biscotti is a very popular item at cafes. These twice-baked cookies are hard, but soften easily when dipped in coffee or milk. Many times these cookies have a nutty or anise flavor, which gives them a good taste on their own that is not overpowering. Since it is a crowd pleaser and stores well, biscotti is a popular coffee gift.

Pepper jelly sets make good coffee gifts for the home coffee drinker. Most people enjoy their first cup of coffee soon after they wake up, pairing it with breakfast to ensure that they are not hungry for the rest of the day. Pepper jellies, which contain pectin, are made with spicier peppers like Jamaican Scotch Bonnets to combat any sweetness with spice.

Coffee For Less, an online retailer specializing in coffee products, also sells coffee gifts such as biscotti and pepper jelly on the company's website.