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Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer

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If you're a sucker for sweetened creamer in your coffee, then you have more likely than not given Coffee-Mate a try. Coffee-Mate is known for its smooth and flavorful coffee creamers. Considered an innovator in dairy alternatives, Coffee-Mate introduced the world to the first non-dairy powdered creamer in 1961. Partnering your coffee with a sweet, creamy treat quickly gained popularity, making Coffee-Mate the most consumed non-dairy creamer on the market. In 1989, Coffee-Mate teamed up with Nestle to create a line of liquid non-dairy creamers. Today, Nestle Coffee-Mate creamers continue to be the top selling product in its category.


Flavor-Packed Creamer by Coffee-Mate

Coffee-Mate offers more than twenty different flavored non-dairy creamer liquids and powders. With its ability to turn "kitchen coffee" into "cafe coffee," Nestle Coffee-Mate makes coffee time a more savory experience. In recent decades, Coffee-Mate has transformed how consumers enjoy their coffee through the introduction of dozens of new and exciting flavors. No more boring half-and-half; Coffee-Mate offers a creamer for every taste preference. From Vanilla to Hazelnut, reduced fat to sugar free, Coffee-Mate has a wide selection of coffee creamers year round. Seasonal favorites include Gingerbread, Peppermint Mocha, Pumpkin Spice and Eggnog. With such positive consumer feedback each time a new flavor is added, Coffee-Mate is sure to introduce new varieties.


Options Galore With Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer

Not only is Coffee-Mate available in liquid creamer and powdered form; Coffee-Mate also comes in convenient grab-and-go stick packs and non-perishable liquid concentrate. Many of the flavors are available in reduced fat or sugar free versions, making enjoying your favorite flavor a guilt-free experience. Coffee-Mate is a great option for anyone with dairy allergies, as it is lactose-free. It is also considered a Kosher food by the Orthodox Union.


Coffee-Mate Dozens of Ways to Stir It Up

Coffee-Mate has a flavor to tickle anyone's fancy. Like your coffee sweet? Try Italian Sweet Cream; it's rich, indulgent and uniquely satisfying. Want to spice up your coffee? Try Cinnamon Vanilla Cream, a luscious creamy blend that tastes especially wonderful after desserts. You can also use Coffee-Mate as an ingredient for much more than just coffee. Fans of this cafe creamer company have found ways to utilize the liquid and powdered creamers in their favorite recipes. Ways to use Coffee-Mate include adding it to cake, pie, muffin or frozen coffee drink recipes. There are so many ways to enjoy Coffee-Mate that it is no wonder it's coffee's best friend!