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Fiji Bottled Water

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Unlike some other bottled waters, Fiji bottled water is bottled from an artesian aquifer that is located near a remote rain forest. Aquifers are deep sources of water that are protected from pollution by clay and rock.


Fresh, Clean Drinking Water from Fiji

Unlike companies that use tap water for bottling, Fiji bottled water does not need to go through a purification process. Its waters are completely protected from ground-level contaminants such as air pollution and chemicals. The company behind Fiji bottled water has said it is purified by the volcanic sulfur of trade winds as it moves from the Pacific Ocean towards Fiji.

Other companies bottle their water from natural springs. Poland Springs water comes from several sources in Maine, including Poland Spring, Clear Spring, Evergreen Spring, Spruce Spring, Garden Spring, and White Cedar Spring. Poland Springs water comes in portable bottles in 8, 12, and 20 ounces, but also is sold in five-gallon bottles for office water dispensers.

Hidden Springs water also sells spring water from a natural source. The company gets its water from a Vermont spring in the Green Mountains. Hidden Springs water is filtered naturally from its aquifer source because it is largely protected from contaminants. Many smaller companies like Hidden Springs water and Poland Springs water use local sources to fill their bottles.

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