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Unlike ground coffee sold for percolators, Senseo coffees are easy to use and make less waste than other coffee makers. Senseo's products include a special one-cup brewing machine, 12 varieties of coffees, two types of tea pods, and other accessories.


Senseo's Product Line

Senseo coffee pods are sold in packages of 16 to ensure that you will have plenty of cups of coffee on hand for whenever you are in need of a pick-up. Senseo coffee pods are available in many blends that are selected and roasted by the Europe-based Douwe Egberts, the world`s second largest coffee roaster.

The company sells pods made with coffee beans grown in Kenya, Brazil and Columbia. Senseo products include two specialty drinks (a hazelnut, vanilla and mocha blend called Vienna and a French vanilla caramel blend called Paris) and green and Earl Grey tea pods. Other types of Senseo coffee include a decaffeinated version, an espresso, and a cappuccino.

Senseo products are easy to use. Just load the pod into you coffee maker, fill it with water as necessary for your brew size, and hit the button to brew a fresh cup of coffee in under a minute. The machine will turn itself off after an hour if you forget about it.

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