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T Discs by TASSIMO are precisely measured pods that were developed exclusively for the TASSIMO Hot Beverage System. T Discs are freshly sealed pods that protect the rich flavor and the exceptional taste of fresh roasted coffee. T Discs allow consumers to make a single serving hot drink when they want with a wide variety of flavors that include 100% Arabica coffee blends, teas, rich hot chocolate, or even real milk for cappuccinos or lattes. T Discs contain premeasured ingredients for every hot beverage TASSIMO has to offer.

T Discs are made by precisely measuring the amount of coffee, tea, chocolate, or concentrated milk. The sealed labels on all T Discs contain a barcode that TASSIMO Hot Beverage Machines read to calculate the correct amount of water, the brewing time, and the temperature for the specific beverage. The brewing process for each cup of coffee takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on the flavor or beverage type. T Discs are a one-time use product and cannot be re-used after one makes a perfect cup of coffee.

T Discs are available in a variety of flavors and styles from most of the major coffee companies. Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Gevalia Kaffe, Maxwell House Café, Mastro Lorenzo, Kenco, Carte Noire, and Jacobs all produce T Disc coffee as well as hot chocolate, espresso, lattes, cappuccino, or tea.


TASSIMO T Disc Flavors

TASSIMO 100% Arabica Coffee blends are available in twenty-two different flavors from coffee producers.

Starbucks is one roaster that offers TASSIMO T Discs. Starbucks uses their brewing philosophy to ensure that the fullest flavors will be extracted to each rich, aromatic cup of coffee. Starbucks offers 4 different T Disc flavors:

  • Breakfast Blend – A mild and flavorful blend that is light-bodied to make a bright first impression.
  • House Blend – A medium-bodied blend of Latin American coffees that features a vibrant acidity and clean, well-balanced flavor.
  • Caffé Verona – A full-bodied blend of Latin American and Asia/Pacific coffees that A dark roasted coffee for added depth and sweetness.
  • Africa Kitamu – A balanced, complex blend of exceptional East African coffees that offer a flavorful interplay of exotic citrus and floral notes.


Seattle’s Best Coffee offers TASSIMO T Discs. Seattle’s Best uses their finest beans for T Discs in order to provide the consumer with a smooth and mellow cup of coffee that is bold and full. Seattle’s Best offers 2 different T Discs flavors:

  • Breakfast Blend – A deep dark brown roast that is medium-bodied and full with a rich flavor and roasty sweetness.
  • Henry’s Blend – A medium-to-full-bodied blend that has a nutty flavor to it. It offers a rich flavor and a hearty aroma with a smooth and lingering finish.


Gevalia Kaffee TASSIMO Discs provide a variety of coffees that only use their finest 100% Arabica Beans. Gevalia Kaffee offers 5 different flavors:

  • Signature Blend – A full-bodied blend that is somewhat dark and low in bitterness.
  • Signature Blend Decaffeinated – A full-bodied blend that is somewhat dark and low in bitterness.
  • Morning Roast – A flavorful dark roast.
  • Swiss Hazelnut – A fragile, mellow blend that has a kick of vanilla refinement. This flavor is also gently roasted for an exceptional body and flavor.
  • Signature Crema Coffee – A signature blend that has a welcoming aroma and delicate layer of foam.

Maxwell House Café Collection TASSIMO T Discs ensure unique attention to detail on their coffee that makes their coffee very enjoyable. With Maxwell coffee, high standards for blended and roasted coffee make for a better taste experience. Maxwell House offers 5 different flavors of TASSIMO T Discs

  • House Blend Coffee – A rich, flavorful and balanced blend of coffee that uses 100% of Arabica beans.
  • House Blend Decaffeinated Coffee – A rich, flavorful and balanced blend of coffee that uses 100% of Arabica beans.
  • French Roast Coffee – A rich and hearty blend dark roasted coffee that A rich and full flavored. This full-bodied coffee is made from Arabica beans.
  • French Vanilla Coffee – A medium roasted and medium bodied coffee that is made from high quality Arabica beans for a smooth and delightful flavor.
  • Morning Blend – A full-bodied aromatic and flavorful blend that is dark roasted and made from 100% Arabica beans. This delicious flavor will give you more to look forward to in the morning.


Mastro Lorenzo is a European brand of coffee that is also offered in TASSIMO T Discs. This Italian coffee producer offers an exciting experience of culture and flavor to their coffee with an outstanding froth for the consumers to enjoy. Mastro Lorenzo offers one flavor of TASSIMO T Disc

  • Crema Coffee – A bold brew that is topped with a delicate foam.


Keneco, a United Kingdom brand of coffee is offered in TASSIMO T Discs uses some of the finest Arabica coffee beans for a quality T Disc coffee. Keneco offers 1 flavor of TASSIMO T Disc:

  • Classic Blend Coffee – A very smooth and aromatic coffee.


Carte Noire, a French brand of coffee can be enjoyed from TASSIMO T Discs, symbolizes luxury and privilege, making it the number one coffee in France. Carte Noire uses pure Arabica beans and comes in 2 different flavors:

  • Voluptuoso Coffee – A medium roasted blend that has a full body and a strong aroma.
  • Petit Dejeuner Coffee – A medium roasted blend that has a medium body and a strong aroma.


Nabob is a Canadian brand of coffee that comes in TASSIMO T Discs. Nabob focuses on being the best it can be by blending premium imported beans. Nabob offers one flavor of TASSIMO T Disc:

  • 100% Colombian – A rich, vibrant aromatic coffee that expresses the exceptional flavor of coffees from Colombia.


Jacobs, a German brand of coffee that is offered in TASSIMO T Discs, has set the standard for what defines quality and taste in coffee. Jacobs offers one flavor of TASSIMO T Discs:

  • Kroenung Coffee – A medium bodied coffee with a light to medium roast.


TASSIMO Specialty T Discs

Besides coffee pods, TASSIMO also offers espresso flavors, cappuccino flavors, lattes, and hot chocolate flavors. Gevalia, Carte Noire, and Mastro Lorenzo all offer espresso T Discs. Gevalia, TASSIMO, and Maxwell House offer Cappuccino coffee T Discs. Gevalia, TASSIMO, Maxwell House, and Jacobs offer the latte T Discs. Suchard offers a hot chocolate T Disc.