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Tips for Choosing the Best Coffee Service for Your Business

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Coffee is a significant part of the day for many individuals. This can also be said for many offices as well. You can really enhance a work environment with quality coffee and a reputable coffee service. Certain coffee services may be better than others depending on the amount of employees or the layout of the office itself. Freshly brewed coffee not only has a fresh aroma but also lifts the senses and breathes new life into a stagnant body.

A Coffee Service Provider is a Good Choice

After the first sip of a person’s beloved brew, a smile will instantly appear on their face and a revitalized person will emerge. Coffee has been known to have this effect on coffee lovers and general consumers alike. Coffee is the most widely consumed beverage in offices all over the world. While Americans consume close to 400 million cups of coffee per day and Italians consume 14 billion espressos per year (and increasing), the black brew has become a huge part of the office routine. Having a fresh, decent cup of coffee readily available at any minute of the day does wonders for the morale of staff members.

When staff members’ favorite brew is at hand, office managers should feel more confident that their staff can meet their goals. People who drink coffee tend to be more productive than non-coffee drinkers. Research has also shown that coffee consumers also have longer working stamina than their non-drinking colleagues. A good way to save the company money and time is by hiring a coffee service provider. Offering a coffee service at your office allows staff members to no longer have the need to leave the office for a quick sip that wastes company time and employee money.

Due to the fact that not all company policies are the same, coffee breaks at many of these companies mean sipping an old cup of coffee from an hours old carafe. With a coffee service, the providers usually offer a vast selection of coffees as well as other beverages and snacks on a daily schedule. With this, you are guaranteed a fresh cup of coffee any time and all the time. The only catch that remains is for the manager to diligently select a reliable and reputable coffee service provider that will deliver the goods.

Hints and Tips for Selecting a Coffee Vendor

Choose a vendor that will be able to satisfy all of your needs in terms of affordable prices, good quality products, and excellent sales service. This usually means having to shop around as coffee service providers tend to differ in their service offerings. Get quotes from various vendors to compare prices and products. Watch out for specifics such as how long the vendor has been in operation and valid client references as you are looking towards a longstanding and profitable business relationship. The main objective is acquiring a refreshing, so it would be a good idea to sample all the coffees available before deciding. Include all the office staff members in the tasting process. In this manner you will know exactly which beverages are preferred and by which company as well as the type of brewing equipment you will be using.

How quickly the coffee service responds to problems is one of the most important issues to look for besides the variety of coffees they stock. It is also very important to look for the level of customer service the company provides and offers. When you least expect it, emergencies tend to occur, and knowing that you have a prompt service delivery will eliminate unnecessary stress. One requirement is having deliveries that are done regularly and on time. Also check if they offer an online service as well as easy access to your personal account. You will be able to keep an eye on the account if a log-in and password is provided.

Another issue to clear is to learn whether goods that are damaged or ruined may be returned or replaced and if cancellations or changes of orders are readily accepted. Notifications of any price changes should also be done well in advance.

Other Beverages and Food Services

Many coffee vendors offer food packages as well. These food packages can be ordered on a daily basis for staff members as well as the occasional conference or office party. Catering is done according to the number of staff members or conference attendants.

The use of vending machines to dispense certain products comes highly recommended. Vending machines come in various types and can stock sodas, juices and water as well as hot beverages, snacks and sandwiches. There are machines available that can stock gourmet foods as well as confections. Frozen goodies are also an option. Vending machines should be checked and refilled on a daily basis. Sandwiches, gourmet foods, and confections must be supplied fresh and old stock removed on a timely basis as well.