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What's New with the New Keurig Vue?

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Keurig is once again revolutionizing the single-serve gourmet coffee experience with its new Keurig Vue V700. The Vue V700 takes everything that you already love about its K-Cup brewing predecessor, and gives you more options to customize your favorite gourmet coffee to absolute perfection in less than a minute.


Enjoy the Taste of Custom-Brewed Perfection

Whether you’re just starting your day, taking a mid-afternoon break, or craving an after-dinner treat, you can use the new Keurig Vue to custom-brew a fresh cup of gourmet coffee exactly to your liking. In less than a minute, you’ll savor the strong yet sweet aroma of the gourmet flavors you love and enjoy the bold taste you crave.

The new Keurig Vue improves on both quality and quantity. Its specially designed single-serve Vue packs are sealed to lock in amazing flavor and unprecedented freshness in every cup. With its added support of new 18oz travel mug sized Vue packs, you can have more of your favorite bold-tasting coffee in a single serving.

Its innovative brewing process modifies the water pressure, airflow, and timing according to your preferences to ensure that every cup of coffee is custom brewed just the way you like it.


Bigger, Stronger, Hotter

With the new Keurig Vue, you can finally enjoy a cup of flavored gourmet coffee that is bigger, stronger, and hotter than ever before imagined.

So what makes Keurig’s latest brewing system so amazing?

  • Total control: Customize the brewing process to get perfection in every cup.
  • Ease of use: The fully programmable color touch screen tells you what to do, and when to do it during the brewing process.
  • Versatility: Why limit yourself to coffee? The Keurig Vue also brews tea, hot cocoa, iced beverages, and more.
  • Bigger is Better: Enjoy a full cup of flavored coffee at the strength you want with new Vue packs that are specifically designed for 18oz travel mugs.
  • Environmentally friendly: All Vue cups are recyclable, and the brewing system features an energy saving mode.


Gourmet Coffee Will Never Be the Same

The new Keurig Vue is everything you loved in your old gourmet coffee brewing system, but with more customizable features. You can now enjoy more choices in flavors, more kick with every sip, and more coffee in every cup.

With just a few taps on the full color touch screen, you decide the exact strength and temperature needed for Keurig single-serve gourmet coffee perfection. Once your settings are programmed, the new Keurig brewing system takes it from there. It uses your choices to apply the perfect amount of water pressure and airflow to create the mouth-watering aroma and bold taste of your perfect cup of coffee.

It’s Time to Join the Keurig Vue Revolution

The new Keurig Vue V700 system is revamping the brewing process, making it possible for you to make the perfect cup of flavored coffee. Once you’ve joined the Keurig Vue revolution, there is only one question left to ask:

How do you define gourmet coffee perfection?

If you crave a bolder and fresher taste, then gourmet coffee perfection is just a minute away with the new Keurig Vue.