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Chai Tea Lattes Keep You Warm on Rainy Autumn Days

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The seasonal shift during the month of October as we approach Halloween puts a chill in the air and, for many, frost on the pumpkin. Gray days, rainy weather, and the beginning of the winter freeze are enough to make any shiver and go searching for a blanket. This is the season for a warming beverage that raises your internal temperature to combat the chill in the air. Chai tea lattes are a great option for those who want a warming beverage but do not want to drink excess coffee.

A chai tea latte has less caffeine than coffee based café lattes, but they pack a full and spicy flavor alongside the steamed milk creaminess. The sweet, spiced flavor is invigorating and pleasant, and the heat of hot latte is just the thing to beat the encroaching seasonal chil.

Oregon Chai Tea Concentrate Makes Excellent Chai Tea Lattes

The impediment to a great chai tea latte for most people is the laborious process of stovetop steeping the myriad spices and black tea that gives chai its characteristic taste. This traditional method was developed over centuries to produce an excellent spiced tea that is strong enough for the large amount of milk that goes into a chai latte.

Oregon Chai Tea Concentrate, however, takes this step out of the process entirely! They have extracted the spices and rich black tea already, making their Chai Tea Concentrate potent and perfect for chai tea lattes. Simply add milk or soy milk and heat by whatever method you prefer; sweeten to taste and you’ve got an authentic chai tea latte with almost no effort.

If you are looking for even less caffeine, Oregon Chai Tea Decaf Concentrate provides all of the flavor and the stomach warming joy or a regular chai tea latte minus the stimulating caffeine, a great way to end a cool, Autumn day.

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