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Coffee Pairings: Sweet and Savory Foods That Pair Well With Coffee
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Coffee Pairings: Sweet and Savory Foods That Pair Well With Coffee

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Coffee Is Almost Always Better With a Bite to Eat

In the eyes of any seasoned coffee aficionado, finding that perfect pairing of a great cup of coffee with the right snack to accompany it should always be based on aromatics, body, and sweetness. Where does it hit the tongue when you sip it? The front? The sides? Does the coffee have a syrupy mouth feel to it? All of these factors can affect which food will pair best with that particular cup.

For those who truly think that the perfect cup of coffee is only enhanced by adding a great edible treat on the side, we’ve come up with several of the best sweet and savory food pairings for your next cup.

1. Plain Butter Croissant

This well-known French pastry pairs nicely with coffee from Colombia or Peru. These regions are known for growing a bean with a sweeter body that isn't too acidic or overwhelming, comparable to notes of honeycomb and vanilla bean.

2. Chocolate

As any mocha lover can attest, coffee and chocolate is a match made in heaven. Coffee connoisseurs can take things up a notch by investing in high quality, artisan chocolate to enjoy alongside their favorite cup. As a general rule, Latin American-grown coffee is known to pair especially well with chocolate.

Coffee and chocolate

3. Berries

This one might come as a surprise, but any berry (alone or baked in sweets) pairs nicely with coffee. Berries are especially delicious when paired with Tanzanian and Haitian grown coffee varieties.

Berries with coffee

4. Caramel

Like chocolate, caramel is another classic coffee pair. And for good reason! Caramel and coffee are perfect for one another, with Latin American-grown coffee varieties being known to pair particularly well with caramel.

Caramel with coffee

5. Coffee Cake

Don't forget coffee cake. Having a bad day? Paired with a medium Hawaiian or Nicaraguan roast, coffee cake will have you singing a different tune by the time you're done.

Coffee and cake combination

6. Crepes

Savory crepes with meat, cheese, or even just vegetables and herbs all pair nicely with coffee, especially varieties that have been grown in the Pacific Islands. These coffees are known for simple, delicate, yet powerful flavors that complement savory dishes such as breakfast crepes.

Coffee and crepes

7. Cheese

Yes, cheese! One wouldn't normally think of cheese and coffee as a likely pair, but when you get it right, the two can be a truly delicious combination. When pairing cheese and coffee, stay away from softer cheeses like Brie and Swiss. Their flavors are a bit too delicate, and can get lost in the complexity of a good, strong cup of coffee.

Coffee and cheese

8. Toast

Medium roast Colombian, Costa Rican, or Guatemalan coffees are an ideal pairing for toast. These varieties of coffee have a heavy body, making them likely espresso blends and offering an intensity of flavor that pairs nicely with the subtle flavors of simple toasted bread.

Coffee with toast

We can agree a cup of coffee can be just as good starting the day with hearty breakfast as it can with a sweet dessert after dinner -- and everything in between.


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