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New Year, New Coffee Maker: Tassimo and Keurig Coffee Machines

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Keurig Coffee MachinesThe New Year is a time for a fresh start. People stay up to greet it and welcome the myriad possibilities it holds. If you are looking for a fresh start, why not try a new coffee maker? The effects on your life, the impact of a more satisfying coffee experience, are of a daily nature. One simple replacement, one little change, and every day of the new year ahead is impacted, all from replacing your old coffee maker with a new one.

Maybe it is time to modernize your coffee maker?  Today’s coffee makers offer options and features unheard of in the past. Upgrading to a Tassimo coffee machine or a Keurig K-Cup coffee machine opens up a world of coffee options and a wealth of convenience unsurpassed.


Pod Coffee Makers and K-Cup Coffee Machines

While replacing just about any coffee maker with a new one is likely to improve your coffee experience, today’s coffee makers offer new features. All the rage these days, single cup coffee makers are growing in popularity and appearing everywhere. Just about every coffee machine maker in the country is making their own single cup coffee maker, but the innovators are still the best.

Check out Keurig K-Cup coffee machines. These are the Senseo Coffee Machineoriginal and, by some accounts, still the best single cup coffee maker on the market. Keurig coffee makers brew K-Cup coffee, encapsulated single servings of ground coffee sealed to maintain freshness until brewing. These coffee makers brew from proprietary K-Cups that offer a wide array of options to today’s coffee drinker.

Similar in style to the Keurig and its K-Cups, Tassimo T-Disc coffee machines offer a good variety and just about the same level of convenience as the Keurig machines. Tassimo coffee makers are  more oriented toward the espresso drinker, offering authentic crema and a variety of espresso drinks a single cup at a time.

Coffee pods were the original prepackaged coffee, and coffee pod brewers have had a lot of time to grow and change. Some of the best single cup coffee pod machines on the market today are made by Senseo. Senseo coffee machines offer you coffee pod convenience with a variety of modern settings.

Make better coffee your New Year’s resolution and enjoy 365 days of excellent coffee.

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