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Starbucks, Walmart to Sell Single Serve Coffee Makers

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Walmart Single Serve Coffee MakerThe single serve coffee world is abuzz with news that Starbucks and Walmart have announced plans to release their own proprietary single serving coffee maker. This has some wondering what the ubiquitous Starbucks and the ever-cheap (both in price and quality) Walmart entering the single serving coffee market means for those of us who are already quite attached to our Keurig or Tassimo Machines.

Currently, single serving coffee makes up just eight percent of the coffee sales nationwide, leading some to wonder just how much room for competition there is. Currently, Green Mountain Coffee offers the greatest variety and range of choices available in single servings. While the entrance of these two juggernauts into the arena may suggest stiffer competition, it is likely to result in an increase in options for consumers, both those who adopt the new machines and those who stick with more market-experienced brands.


Green Mountain Coffee Confident of Product Quality, Customer Satisfaction

Green Mountain Coffee with its many Keurig K-Cup offerings is currently the dominant force in single serving coffee production, and they seem unshaken by news of the notorious Walmart’s entrance into the market. Confidence runs high that coffee roasting can only be cost-cut so far before quality suffers, ensuring that the artisan approach used by Green Mountain Coffee is unlikely to be matched through Walmart’s usual offshore price-cutting.

Beyond that, Starbucks is already available in a variety of single serving coffee packages for a variety of single serving coffee machines. This ubiquitously popular brand is unlikely to give up its market reach, and a proprietary branded machine will need to catch up to the vast array of K-Cups and T-Discs already on the market.

Likely, these new single serving coffee machines will force all single cup coffee makers to strive harder to produce the best product possible, an activity sure to benefit we coffee fanatics in both quality and variety.

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