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Tea Pods Turn Pod Coffee Makers into Tea Makers

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Green Tea PodsThe tea bag is not a new image to most anyone, but the appearance of tea pods might be a new sight to some. Tea pods are almost exactly the same as tea bags but lack the iconic dunking string and tag familiar to most American tea drinkers.

Tea pods also differ in that they are specifically calibrated to make a great cup of tea in a specific brewing device, rather than the usual single cup dunking procedures for which regular tea bags are designed.

Today, we discuss the many tea options available to those who use their coffee pod coffee machine as their primary brewing device.


Tea Pods Take the Timing Out of Tea

We’ve all been there. You want a cup of tea, but does black tea need three minutes? Four? Five? Green tea, how much time does that need to steep? And don’t even get me started on Oolong. It is one of the bothers of tea, really, and tea pods take this entire step out of the process. With tea pods, the tea is exposed to boiled water in a controlled environment and for a particular amount of time under a specific pressure, resulting in excellent tea every time.

Green Tea Pos with LemonCoffeeForLess carries a variety of quality tea pods that are certain to please tea drinkers who want to use their pod coffee maker for this purpose. Black tea drinkers will particularly enjoy Melitta One:One Zen in Black Tea Pods. These black tea pods are filled with quality black tea selected particularly for the processes involved in tea pod brewing. The resultant black tea is delicious and flavorful without being too strong or too weak. It makes a quality iced tea when served iced.

Green tea takes particularly well to the tea pod brewing process due to its lower steeping time. If you want excellent green tea practically on demand, then green tea pods are going to be a great purchase for you. Melitta One:One Shades of Jade Tea Pods brew a fragrant, yet delicate green tea enhanced with just a hint of lemon that really draws out the more subtle flavors of this elegant brew. TeaOne Tropical Citrus Green Tea Pods combine earthy green tea flavor with sparkling tropical citrus tastes to produce a single cup of delicious green tea. Either of these green teas produces a quality steeping from tea pods that is on par with tea bag steeping.

Tea pods combine old fashioned steeping with modern technology to take the hassle out of steeping tea. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

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