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Pepper Jellies

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Jelly is defined as a type of spread made with pectin, a coagulant that makes non-fruit jellies possible. Jellies made with more unusual ingredients have the perfect taste, rather than overpowering the taste buds with chunks of fruit in a jam.


Pepper Jellies, Rum Cake and Coffee

Pepper jelly adds kick to bland toast when it is made with Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers, a pepper known to nicely complement a cup of coffee. However, coffee-complementing jellies do not have to be spicy. For example, MJ's makes a cranberry jelly that goes well with turkey and a mint jelly that tastes great with lamb.

Tortuga rum cakes also compliment coffee. A cup of house blend and a thin slice of a Tortuga rum cake go well together after dinner. These cakes come in a variety of flavors, such as the cakes sold by Wicked Jack's. This company sells a True Jamaican Rum Cake, a Chocolate Fudge Rum Cake, and a Butterscotch Rum cake, all of which can be served as a dessert or even enjoyed as a rich breakfast.

Tortuga rum cakes are made by soaking a heavy cake in Jamaican rum in different quantities. These cakes are then glazed or frosted with other flavors so that the rum doesn't become overpowering. Wicked Jack's sells these cakes in a variety of sizes (4oz, 22oz, and 30oz) so that customers can choose the right size for their home or office functions.

Coffee For Less, an online retailer in the coffee industry, sells MJ's pepper jellies and Wicked Jack's Tortuga rum cakes to be consumed along with its coffee products.